Jason Perry2010 RTR Late Model Track Champion
By:  T. J. Layne

HUNTINGTON, WV-Racin Jason Perry has been a familiar name around area dirt
tracks for many years.  Perry has proven himself as one of the top Modified drivers in
the area as he picked up a track championship at the Willard Speedway along with
multiple feature wins at RTR and many other tracks.

After many successful seasons in the Modifieds, Perry decided it was time for a
change and made the move up to the Late Model division in 2010.  He opened eyes
immediately as he charged from the seventh starting position to finish third in his first
ever Late Model race on April 30th at RTR.  It was apparent  from the get-go that the
man they call Racin Jason was going to be a contender in the Late Model just as he
was in the Modified.

Perry was a model of consistency all year long as he racked up three top fives and
four top tens on his way to the 2010 track championship.  The highlight of the season
came for Jason on July 16th when he passed Randy Meador on lap six of the twenty
lap feature to win the $800 to win Steel Block Late Model show at RTR.  With the win,
Perry became only the third driver in track history to win features at RTR in multiple
classes.  He also made history by becoming the first driver in RTR history to win a
track championship in their rookie season in a division.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Racin Jason and discuss many different topics
with the track champ.  Lets now get to the interview as we introduce you to Racin
Jason Perry2010 RTR Late Model Track Champion.  

T. J. Layne:  Some people may not know this, but you are a third-generation racer.
Your grandpa was a racer and successful car owner in the Late Model division and
your dad was a successful driver. How much has your family influenced your racing
Jason Perry:  They influenced me a lot.  Without my family getting me into racing I
probably wouldn't be doing it.

Layne:  Racin" Jason Perry is a very familiar name around these parts. How many
years have you been racing now?
Perry:  I just completed my tenth season.  I ran nine seasons in the Open Wheel
Modifieds and one season in the Late Models.

Layne:  As you mentioned you spent nine seasons racing in the Modified division.
What is the biggest difference between driving a Modified and driving a Late Model?
Perry:  The biggest difference is everything happens much faster in a Late Model than
in a Modified.

Layne:  We have seen many Modified drivers throughout the country step into a Late
Model and be very successful. I don't think that is just by chance. Do you think driving a
Modified for several years better prepares you to drive a Late Model?
Perry:  I do.  The main thing is it gets you used to car control.  In the Modifieds it helps
prepare drivers for the next level.  If you can control a Modified it should be helpful
when you get into a Late Model.

Layne:  It was an amazing feat you were able to accomplish this year winning the RTR
Late Model track championship in your first season in the class. Has the results youve
had this year exceeded even your expectations?
Perry:  Yes.  I never expected to win the championship in my first season.  I just hoped
to get some experience and finish races and run in the top ten, that was my goals with
the equipment we have.  My motor is the lacking factor in my equipment, we ran a
steel block engine this season.

Layne:  I find it quite impressive that you were able to have so much success this
season running a steel block engine.  How big of a statement do you think that makes
that you can be successful in the Late Model division and not have to spend huge
money on an engine?
Perry:  We need a better engine package to be able to accomplish and compete at
the level that we would like to.  But you can have success running a steel bock, it just
makes you have to work harder than the other guys.

Layne:  Its always interesting to see the different responses to this question. Do you
prefer a wet/tacky track surface or a dry/slick track surface? You have won races at
RTR under both track conditions.
Perry:  I prefer dry slick.  It brings the driver and the car set ups out.  Anyone can drive
on a tacky track.

Layne:  You are well known for being a smooth, consistent driver. What advice would
you have for drivers just getting started that may want to develop that type of driving
Perry:  Seat time.  Don't expect to set the world on fire when you first get into a car. If
you over drive and tear stuff up your usually in the pits tore up, which means youre not
getting the seat time you need.

Layne:  You have had a very successful career. What do you consider to be your
greatest career accomplishment?
Perry:  I consider my greatest accomplishments winning double features twice.,
winning the 2008 Willard Speedway track championship in the Modified, and winning
the 2010 RTR track championship in the Late Model.

Layne:  It has been a great 2010 season for you. What are your goals now heading
into the 2011 season?
Perry:  To try and improve on the 2010 season. There's always room for

Perry also added, I would like to thank all of my 2010 sponsors.  They include
Tomahawk Race Cars, Hallmark Motor Co., Thomas Concrete, CB&H Auto Parts,
H&H Continuous Guttering, Outback Archery, South Huntington Animal Hospital, Les
Boggs, Lemley Race Engines, and Lavalette Cycle & ATV.  I would also like to say a
special thanks to my dad Ed Perry.  He works his butt off on the car in the garage and
at the track. I would also like to thank Kevin Graham and Paul McClain at Tomahawk
Race Cars, my uncle Ronnie Graham, Louie Christian for letting me use his motor for
the last few races when our motor blew up
, and a very special thanks to all of the fans
for all of their support.

All photos
by Tony
Shotsky of
Ohio Sports