Track Rules
-Drivers Meeting, 7:00 pm
-Late Model Hot Laps, 7:15 pm
-Modified Hot Laps
-Mod Lite Hot Laps
-Bomber Hot Laps

-Late Model Time Trials (2 laps)
-Modified Time Trials (1 lap)
-Prayer and National Anthem

-Mod Lite Heats (6 laps)
-Late Model Dash (6 laps)
-Late Model Heats (8 laps)
-Modified Dash (6 laps)
-Modified Heats (8 laps)
-Bomber Heats (8 laps)

-Late Model B-Main (10 laps)
-Mod Lite A-Main (15 laps)
-Modified B-Main (10 laps)
-Bomber B-Main (10 laps)

-Late Model A-Main (25 laps)
-Modified A-Main (20 laps)
-Bomber A-Main (15 laps)

*The above format is subject to change, especially during special events.  This will
be the base format we will use for all weekly shows.  The main thing subject to
change during specials is lap count, which will be announced in drivers meeting
and on the website prior to the event.*

-All drivers must draw a pill before Hot Laps. Anybody who has not drawn a pill
before hot laps will be put on the tail of the heat or qualifying.
-Bombers and Mod Lites will use pill draw for heat race lineup.
-When qualifying starts, you must be in the staging lane when the car before you pull
on the track or you will lose your qualifying attempt. You will then have to start the tail
end of a heat.
-Heat races will be listed on the pit board at pit building after qualifying. Drivers will
be expected to be lined up and ready when it is time for your heat.
-Double-file starts will begin at cone or chalk line coming off turn four at the signal of
the green flag. Pole Sitter will set pace speed.
-No passing or getting out of line before passing the cone or chalk line.
-Single-file restarts will start at the cone off of turn four.
-No passing or jumping the start before the cone. First offense you will be warned.
Second offense you will be sent to the tail. Third offense you will be disqualified and
sent to the pits.
-Line up reverts back to the running order of the previous lap. Drivers will be
expected to fall in line where you belong. The track officials will make the necessary
adjustments. Do not jump out of line after a track official has placed you. You will be
warned on the first offense, if you still do not line up in the correct position, you will
not be scored.   
-The two-caution rule will apply to all drivers. If you cause two cautions, you will be
black-flagged and sent to the pits. Also any car deemed unsafe or too slow will also
be black-flagged.
-We will be using the no-stop rule.  If you stop on the track, you go to the tail.  
However, rough driving is not permitted so if you spin a driver out, you will go to the
tail and the driver you spun out will ge their spot back.
-No Radios.
-Once you leave the track you are done, so do not try to come back on the track.
-No crewmembers will be allowed on the track, flag stand, or press box to argue an
official's call.   Violators can face suspensions.
-No fighting allowed and no intentional contact with another car allowed under
caution. First offence will be a two week suspension.  Second offense will be a six
week suspension, third offence will be a one year suspension.  Fourth offense will
be a lifetime suspension.
-Any driver who holds up show by not leaving track after being black flagged will
face serious penalties.  First offence will be a two week suspension.  Second
offense will be a six week suspension, third offence will be a one year suspension.  
Fourth offense will be a lifetime suspension.
-Anytime a driver is DQ'd for intentional on track contact or not leaving the track,
that driver will receive NO POINTS and NO PAY.  If the incident occurs in a heat
race, you are done for the night and will not be allowed to run in the B-Main or
-When a driver is shown the layover flag, you must KEEP YOUR LINE when faster
cars approach.  If a driver refuses to yeild to the layover flag and keep their line,
they will be black flagged and sent off the track.  This is a safety issue as we do not
want cars wallering all over the track while faster cars are trying to pass.
-All cars must weigh in after their time trial lap.  The top three cars in each heat race
and B-Main must also weigh.  The top three cars plus two randomly picked cars
must weigh in after the A-Main.  Any car light will be DQ'd and be forced to forfeit
their time trial lap or race finish.
-Raceceiver radios are MANDATORY!  They will be available to rent at the track for
$15 or $20 (depends on which radio you rent).
-All races are under a time limit.  All heat races have a 10 minute time limit, all
B-Mains have a 15 minute time limit, and all features will be under a 2 minute per
lap time limit (Example:  A 25 lap feature would be under a 50 minute time limit.)