At Rocky Top Raceway we want to go the extra mile to promote our drivers.  
Starting in January of 2011, RTR is going to begin a major promotion that will
promote Rocky Top Raceway drivers and their sponsors.  This promotion will
be for drivers in all classes.  

This page will be one of the key ways that we go about this promotion.  This
page will be open to all RTR drivers to submit an in-depth driver profile.  Each
drivers profile page will be used to promote that driver with the goal being to
help the fans become more familiar with each driver that races at RTR.  

Our main goal with the entire promotion is to get the fans more connected
with the drivers and the drivers more connected with the fans.  We hope to
gain each RTR driver more fans and provide additional ways for race teams
to give their sponsors more exposure.

Full details about this exciting promotion will be announced in January 2011.  
Please stay tuned to for the full announcement.